What European city has the most electric vehicles?



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    It appears that Oslo, Norway currently has the most electric-only vehicles, with around 1,700 in the area. This is because the government has given electric vehicle users various perks for using them, such as the ability to use public transport lanes, free parking, and waiving city tolls.

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    London is preparing to become the world’s leader in the amount of electric cars driving their roads.  As of 2012, any cab over 15 years old cannot be re-licensed and all new cabs must meet strict environmental standards.  By the year 2020, all cabs in London must be zero-emission vehicles which means they are most likely to go electric.  The Black Cab company, hosting over 22,000 taxis in London, will begin replacing their taxis with electric vehicles and should have their complete fleet running electric by 2020.

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