What is the Eurasian lynx?



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    The Eurasian Lynx  is a medium-sized cat native to the European and Siberian forests, South and East Asia.  They are the laregst of their species, ranging in length from 80 to 129 centimetres (31 to 51 in) and standing about 70 centimetres (28 in).  Males usually weigh from 18 to 30 kilograms (40 to 66 lb) and females weigh 17.6 kilograms (39 lb) on average.


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    Eurasian Lynx are the largest of the lynx and the third largest predator in Europe (the first are the brown bear and wolf). Their coat is a gray to red color and sometimes has spots. They live in temperate broadleaf and boreal forests in Russia, Asia, and Europe. Their diet includes deer and other large and small mammals. 

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