What is the estimated gas price per gallon in 2012



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    Some people execpt it to be cheaper and some people think it will go up. The one website I found said around $5

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    Reports from December 2010 estimated that gas could cost $5/gallon by 2012 due to the rapidly rising cost ($0.45 more per gallon than a year before). Shortly before the earthquake in Japan, the U.S. Energy Information Administration projected an average cost of $3.57/gallon (there will, of course, be a large variation between regions). In the midst of the earthquake in Japan and violence in North Africa, however, it’s possible that gas prices could get much higher.

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    Anyone who thinks they KNOW what the price of oil or gasoline will be in 2012 is making it up. There are far too many variables. In general, as the supply and production rates dwindle and demand grows, there is no alternative but price increases.

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