What is the estimated cleanup cost for the gulf oil spill?



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    It’s difficult to say exactly, as much of the clean-up work was done by volunteers and the process is ongoing.  In July of 2010, however, clean-up costs had already reached $3 billion, so it’s safe to say the total costs will be quite high.

    Then there are cost from the effects of the spill, but not necessarily directly related to cleanup.  For example, the fishing industry in the area lost a lot of money due to their catch being killed by the spill, a “cost” of $2.5 billion. BP, the company responsible for the disaster, has lost $40 billion as a result of the spill. 



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    The BP oil spill has an estimated $12.5 million tag. Depending on how fast Bp works, the price may increase.

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    The clean up still continues. Louisiana has refused to sign an agreement with BP that would declare the clean up finish and transition into a recovery plan.

    As of September 2010, BP’s last official costs stood at $8 billion. With many lawsuits looming and the continuation of the clean up this total is sure to rise substantially.

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