what is erosion



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    Erosion is the process of weathering in which soils and land is moved and deposited elsewhere. It’s a natural process and the mode of transportation is usually wind, water, or ice. Though it’s natural, it’s been increased by human land use, which can pose serious threats to vegetation as increased erosion reduces the cover of soil and can leave land barren.

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    Coastal erosion is a concern seen in the USA. The Mississippi Delta is eroding the fastest, seems like the Gulf of Mexico can’t ever catach a break! Man-made structures such as dams and seawalls usually make coastal erosion worse.

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    Though erosion is a natural process, it has been increased dramatically by human land use, especially industrial agriculture, deforestation, and urban sprawl. A certain amount of erosion is healthy for the ecosystem. For example, gravels continuously move downstream in watercourses. Excessive erosion, however, causes serious problems, such as receiving water sedimentation, ecosystem damage and outright loss of soil. The rate of erosion depends on numerous climate and geological factors such as; the average temperature, the wind speed, storm frequency, the rock type, the slope of the land, etc. 

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