what ereader has the largest screen?



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    The iRex Dgtl Reader offers the largest screen size at 10.2″, but according to an ereader guide it doesn’t have a very good value rating.  The next largest screen is the Kindle DX at 9.7″.  Kindle DX screen is 2.5 times larger than the Kindle 2 screen.  Kindle DX’s value rating is higher, but it also comes with a hefty price tag at $469 for US version or $489 internationally.  For a great breakdown of all current ereaders on the market, go to the attached website.

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    According to VentureBeat, the Kno the Kno 16 GB Single Screen with stylus has the largest screen, at 14.1 inches from corner to corner. However, I cannot find if/where it is sold. This is the company’s website: http://www.kno.com/home


    The TopTen Reviews website lists the Kindle DX as the largest of the best e-readers of 2012, at 9.7 inches diagonally.

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