What is the EPA’s WasteWise award?



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    WasteWise is an “environmental stewardship” program that the EPA began in 1994. According to their website, businesses, local governments, and non-profits are all eligible to join. “In past years, WasteWise awards were based on a combination of reported data and narrative descriptions of an organization’s activities.” Beginning in 2012, awards will be based on data software used by the program participants. There are two types of awards listed on the program’s website: Partner Awards, which are based on annual improvement, overall performance, and waste prevention performance over the previous year. The second type of award is an Endorser Award, which is evaluated based on promotional activities and results. Companies self-nominate for the awards.

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    WasteWise is a program provided by the EPA. Established in 1994, the program is a free, voluntary program. The program helps its participants accomplish goals to reduce and recycle solid and industrial wastes. Every year, the EPA recognizes its participants with awards in categories in business, government and in education. In order to qualify for the program participants must submit yearly reports of waste reduced, related cost savings, and promotions of the WasteWise program to companies, suppliers and customers.

    Participants receive such benefits as being listed as partners on the EPA’s websie. Participants also receive assistance in developing waste reduction, help develop a climate data report, and gives participants an opportunity to apply for yearly awards. The program encourages companies to be more environmental and those who do so are acknowledged and awarded.

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