What is the EPA’s “MyEnvironment” program?



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    The EPA allows public access to maps and data and presents relevant environmental statistics within communities. The purpose is to allow users to learn about various factors within their own neighborhoods, cities, etc. such as air quality, cancer risk levels, and water quality in a way that is simple and transparent as a means of promoting awareness and advocacy within communities.

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    The MyEnvironment Program allows users to look up environmental information on a specific area.  By typing in a city, state, zip code, county or even park name the user can find out the specific Air Quality Index, Cancer Risk Estimates, Hazardous Waste Sites and more for that area.  It is a pretty interesting site and very user friendly.  I was able to view hazardous waste reports for my city, view facility permits in the area and find out information about my drinking water.  It is a good resource for the community.

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