What is an EPA inspector’s Job?



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    “The Office of Inspector General is an independent office within EPA that helps the Agency protect the environment in a more efficient and cost effective manner. We consist of auditors, program analysts, investigators, and others with extensive expertise. Although we are a part of EPA, Congress provides us with our funding separate from the Agency, to ensure our independence. We were created as pursuant to the Inspector General Act of 1978 [PDF 70KB, 40pp].”

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    I served as a Lead Paint Inspector for the EPA for three summers. EPA inspectors enforce and provide compliance assistance for the various laws, rules, and regulations of the EPA.

    For example, there are laws about how asbestos can be removed from a building, so an asbestos inspector might go and visit the building to make sure the work is being done correctly. If the inspector sees that there are problems, there could be serious consequences for the people doing the work.

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