What is the EPA carbon limits plan for US power plants?



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    The 1/11/11 expected release date of the new Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) guidelines to power plant and oil refineries emissions maybe delayed due to the nature of the controversy behind the issue. Keep an eye on the major announcements posted at http://epa.gov/ or your choice of news medium. The new emissions guidelines will strictly limit the amount of CO2 emission allowance per Megawatt hour of electricity produced. The nature of emission restrictions may put an end to the emission-heavy coal-fired power plants, forcing energy companies to invest heavily into cleaner alternatives. Controversy behind the highly anticipated guidelines are manifesting in multiple lawsuits currently filed against EPA, challenging the extent of their authority over greenhouse gas emissions.

    Additional information on the topic may be found at: http://www.carbonoffsetsdaily.com/news-channels/usa/epa-to-unveil-carbon-limits-plan-for-us-power-plants-44650.htm

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