What environments are electric cars designed for?



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    Electric cars are becoming more and more practical to drive in just about any environment. Driving an EV is practical for those with commutes under about 100 miles a day, city drivers and, for normal everyday use. There is not yet an electric vehicle that would be practical for hauling substantial weight or any sort of off-road driving, but it may not be too far off. Being an electric vehicle owner is becoming easier and easier in just about any environment as chargers become cheaper and more prevalent around the country.

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    Early electric vehicles were not good for areas with lots of hills due to the fact that they used heavy lead-acid batteries, which made them very heavy and difficult to drive uphill. More recently, electric vehicles are using lithium-ion batteries, which are much lighter. My uncle lives in a hilly area, and he chose to get a Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) vehicle over an electric car because lithium-ion batteries were not yet available.


    If you are interested in getting involved in an electric vehicle community, I recommend the Electric Auto Association over the Electric Drive Transportation Association link that bmalc889 offered because the Electric Auto Association has been active for much longer and is very well-established.

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