What is an environmentally firendly and cost effective solution to the waste of restaurants?



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    Making portions smaller! (and lowering price accordingly, of course) Especially since a lot of leftovers aren’t eaten and just end up thrown away anyway…

    Constantly refilling water and drinks is also a waste since you don’t finish all of it and they have to throw the rest away!

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    If you are speaking of grease… many restaurants can invest in the growing need for grease for cars converted to run on alternate fuels. The restaurant could dispose of something otherwise costly to get rid of for free. In regards to organic matter– compost! Starting a compost pile to be picked up by a local community garden or dispersed amongst the restaurant’s employees is an extremely cost effective solution to getting rid of organic waste. 

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    If the restaurants could give away their extra food to food shelters that could cut down on waste as well as provide much needed food to those who do not have enough. Also, trying to recycle as much of the waste as possible along with trying to reduce the total waste that you already start with should significantly reduce the waste that can be produced in a restaurant.

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