What is an Environmental Science PhD program?



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    It is a program that aims to study environmental problems and raise awareness locally and globally for environmental concerns.  Here are a few sentences from the mission statement of the environmental science program at Arkansas State University. 

    “The mission of the Graduate Program in Environmental Science (EVS) is to bring a diverse research, teaching, and out-reach capacity to bear on environmental problems from local to global scales. The biological, physical, and social scientists in the program represent a broad range of disciplinary expertise, while working within the unifying framework of the analysis of environmental problems, and developing management strategies to address them. The study of the environment demands understanding of social, physical, and biological systems, and the transfer of basic research findings through implementation, teaching, and out-reach.”

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    A Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science program typically provides students with an interdisciplinary education while allowing them to conduct independent research in their areas of interest. Such a program would likely incorporate studies from disciplines like ecotoxicology, environmental law, paleoecology, soil science, environmental chemistry, wetland resources, and community ecology. Class topics could span studies in ocean environments, coral reef ecology, carbon neutrality plans, sustainable construction, wildlife management, energy management, and cultural ideas on the environment. Research is an integral component of a Ph.D. program, with a dissertation being a final graduation requirements. Candidates could investigate effects of oil spills on bird wildlife, hazardous waste disposal practices, toxic substances in food, or loss of biodiversity due to invasive alien species.

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