What environmental impact do sports fields?



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    Take account of the field, the stadium, the parking, the traffic and supporting roadways. Then consider that these fields are often unused, except a few hours a week.

    Historically, such fields tended to be small, and multi-purpose. In England, the village green might be used for picnics and conversation on benches when it wasn’t being used for cricket or soccer, etc. When people weren’t around, ducks might waddle around, looking for snacks.

    In the last 100 years, these community resources have transformed into huge monolithic structures that dominate many acres to the exclusion of every other function.

    What’s the environmental impact? Millions in development costs, with nothing returned to the community as a whole, but just to sports fans. I live in an area where it takes two minutes at freeway speed to drive by a stadium and its parking lot. If an event is about to start, or has let out … traffic jam. The environmental impact is collosal. Massive unused space, often placed directly on otherwise excellent agricultural land.

    Moderns sports are an ecological nightmare. 

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