What is the environmental impact of building man made islands like the ones in Dubai?



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    The carbon footprint of these islands likely rivals that of island’s physical footprint.  Two of the palm islands are said to be constructed from 100 million cubic feet of rock and sand brought in from the United Arab Emirates.  It is not clear which (one or more) of the 7 Emirates in the UAE will supply this material.  After the costs for harvesting all of this rock and sand and trucking it in, there will be some disturbance to the ocean life.  They may be completely covering the natural habitats (caves, coves and ocean floor) of many ocean animals.  Lastly, these islands will be covered in hotels which will certainly have a footprint of their own.

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    The islands in Dubai as impacting the local marine ecology. The health of the coral reefs are in decline. The increase in temperature and salinity has led to this. Hope this helps!  

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    isn’t the creation unnatural, despite the materials (for the most part) that are being used? if there was supposed to be an island there, wouldn’t it be there? humans have a funny way of creating things out of entertainment more than necessity.  it will definitely impact the ecosystem, from creation to inhabitance. 

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