What is the Environmental Defense Fund?



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    The Environmental Defense Fund is a non-partisan, non-profit, environmental advocacy organization that dedicates its efforts to addressing and ameliorating serious environmental problems through litigation. An interesting aspect to the Environmental Defense fund is that much of the organization’s work often advocates pragmatic, economic incentive-based solutions to environmental problems.

    This has led has led to both praise and criticism towards the organization. Some groups have lauded the Environmental Defense Fund for fostering a stable relationship with American companies that do want a “greener” future, and for advocating a “smart” approach to climate change. Others argue that, comparatively speaking, the Environmental Defense Fund is too “friendly” with corporations.

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    The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) was founded in 1967. According to their website, the EDF aims to fight problems with the environment using “sound science, economic incentives, corporate partnerships, and getting the law right.”

    Here are some of the many accomplishments of the EDF:

    In 1991, the EDF partnered with McDonald’s to eventually eliminate 150,000 tons of waste from packaging.

    Helped win permanant protection for the state of Hawaii in 2006, which became the largest marine reserve in the world!

    To see more of what the EDF has done, visit their website:


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