What environmental challenges are the Azores currently facing?



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    1) natural disasters – volcanoes, hurricanes and earthquakes are not uncommon (the islands cover 3 tectonic plates so geological movement is occurring there)

    2) population increase => strain on natural resources

    3) erosion – imported shrubbery called incenso replaced what used to be forest so that cows could graze and crops could grow.  This grass does not hold the soil well and it is causing erosion issues.  The roots of the incenso have caused landslides and have displaced trees.

    4) pollution from fossil fuels – while an impressive 30% of the Azores’ energy comes from renewable resources including wind, solar and geothermal, the rest comes from fuel oil, which is a source of pollution

    5) Fishing – with overfishing now a global problem, the people of the Azores are in trouble because many depend on fisheries for their livelihood and food

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