What is environmental awareness?



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    Environmental awareness can have many forms.  In general, it is an attempt to educate the public of different envionmental issues, such as global warming, species endangerment or pollution problems.  It is important that humans know the downstream effect they have from choosing to, or not to recycle, and how our wastes affect other species that may one day be on our dinner table.

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    I think Environmental Awareness has a simple definition.  It is just being aware that humans are part of the environment and above it.  We are in the circle of life.  So we need to respect the environment because we are not better than it. 

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    Consciously understanding the cause and effect relationship that exists within an environmental setting.  this includes anything that is involved in the natural state or that influences/plays a role in the relationship.  Recognition of the knowledge that encompasses anything relating to the environment and how interactions occur.

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    Environmental awareness is you being able to learn about and understand the environment. Now, the environment could be the city within which you live, your state, your country, the world, and all of the things in it, so your level of understanding will vary. But, it’s very important to be aware of your environment so that you can know how to act within it, how to avoid harming it, and how to help it.

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