What environmental agency is checking out the oil left under the sand on our beaches in Gulf Shores , Ala.?

I have no idea who to contact who to contact concerning all this information from workers who were helping with the cleaning up of our beaches in Gulf shores , Ala. – There are miles of oil under the sand – tar balls – oil – it is thick under the sand and is all over the beach – will it effect our wild life in the furture?? BP needs to rehire people and get it off the beach period – not hide it so we can’t see it.



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    Oil has been found under sands in various Guld beaches, most famously in Pensacola. It is not some conspiracy by BP, but instead the result of tides washing more and more sand over the oil. Beaches change constantly, and are thus terribly hard to clean up.

    I recommend calling someone from your local government (if there is an environmental council, call them) or if your community has a representative from BP, you might want to try to contact them. You might also want to contact a local university for them to study the beach, if they’re interested.

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