What is an energy gap?



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    The “Energy Gap” is the term used by policy makers and scientists in the UK to describe the disconnect between phasing-out of some nuclear and fossil fuel energy sources and implementing renewables in relation to growth of population and energy consumption.  It does not have a clear definition, but four of the main issues that have been discussed using the term “energy gap” are (1) the UK’s production, consumption, and security of power supply; (2) meeting CO2 reduction targets; (3) loss of existing power sources; and (4) uncertainty about new sources.  Check out the SenseAboutScience Energy Gap Statement for more detailed information.

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    It helps to think of that ecomomic principle “the law of supply and demand” when considering the energy gap. Our world currently requires a lot of energy to run, and right now that need for energy is growing. However, our resources are become more and more limited, and we are looking for alternatives to close this energy gap.

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