What is the energy crisis?



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    The “energy crisis” is a broad term used to describe the global shortage of natural resources used to produce energy. It can refer to everything from climate change to the world’s dependency on oil and natural gases.

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    The fact that the electricity and energy we use to produce and consume goods and services is powered mainly through the burning of fossil fuels constitutes a two-fold crisis:

    1) These resources – coal and oil – are finite.  We cannot sustain our patterns of energy consumption in the manner we do now for much longer.  We must develop sustainable alternatives to power our world in the future.  Additionally, our dependency upon oil entails our reliance upon foreign sources for this crude natural resource, making it not only expensive, but also risky in that providers (like Middle Eastern countries) are currently unstable. 

    2) The combustion of fossil fuels emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming and water/air pollution.  Essentially, we need the sustainable energy alternatives to be clean, or free of environmentally harmful by-products. 

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