What is the energy cost for gasoline distribution?

There are energy costs associated with energy distribution. For example electrical distribution cost sabout 8% of the power distributed. Natural Gas distribution seems to be much more efficient with a loss of between 1 and 2 percent. I’ve been unable to find and estimate of the energy cost of gasoline distribution.



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    The process of gasoline distribution is very complex, so it’s understandable why there aren’t any definitive numbers close at hand for this. What you can take into account is that there are almost 170,000 retail gasoline stations in the US alone, and all of those stations receive gasoline from trucks that run on gasoline. From there, you could estimate that a 9,000 gallon tanker truck would use 5 gallons of gas for a 50-mile delivery, giving you at least an idea of the energy cost for gasoline’s distribution.

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