What is an endemic species?



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    According to borealforest.org, an endemic species is a species “whose natural occurrence is confined to a certain region and whose distribution is relatively limited.” Mongabay.com has links to lists of endemic species in specific geological locations.

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    An endemic species is one that is native to a certain area. When calling a species endemic you must define the area in which it lives. This could be a single small lake lke some pupfish in California. Alternatively, you couldd refer to a species as being endemic to North America. Species that are endemic to smaller areas are typically rarer because there is less space for inidividuals to live. Furthermore, if disease or habitat destruction strikes, endemic species in small ranges may be more vulnerable to extinct because they live in no other place.

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    Some examples of popular endemic creatures:

    Lemurs of Madagascar

    Santa Cruz kangaroo rat

    Philipine crocodile

    Galapagos tortoise


    Unforunately since these creatures have a limited habitat, they are at a much greater risk for extinction!

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