What is an endangered species?



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    According to the encyclopedia britanica, an endangered species is any animal that is at the risk of extinction due to either small numbers or their habitat being at risk of destruction.  These animals are put onto a variety of lists according to the level of danger that they are in of extinction, the most vital of which is the Red List of Endangered Species which is a worldwide list of species that are in the most threat of becoming extinct.

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    An endangered species is one who’s population is being threatened such that they may go extinct (no longer be alive on the planet).  Many species are endangered due to loss of habitat, over hunting/fishing, increased predator species, or inability to adapt to their changing habitats.  Some examples include blue fin tuna, polar bear and tiger.  You can find lists of endangered species (including plants) here http://www.earthsendangered.com/

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    An endangered species is generally considered one that is threatened by extinction, either through destruction of habitat, population decimation, or other factors. However, the classification of endangered species varies. The IUCN has various ratings, such as threatened, endangered, or critically endangered. In the United Statess, certain animals are federally protected as endangered, while others are locally protected. For instance, gray wolves are federally delisted in the eastern two-thirds of Washington state and are protected by state government, yet they are federally protected in the Western third of the state.

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