What is emotional fitness?



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    Just as you train and condition your body during physical exercise, you can also train and condition your mind to think more clearly and feel less stress, which will in turn lead to a better, happier you. Enlisting the help of a therapist or counselor, can be very helpful in discovering ways you can build yourself up emotionally to lead a positive, better life without the emotional baggage.  This is an general concept of what emotional fitness is.

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    Necolepe gives a great overview of what emotional fitness is.  The video below goes into a little more detail by explaining that emotional fitness is the ability to handle change in a healthful manner.  As change is the only true constant in life, our well-being depends on our ability to cope with this constant (which in fact is always moving!).  Resiliency has been deemed one of the most important factors in well-being in that it is one’s ability to get up after each knock-down and that, as the video states, is the true determiner of emotional fitness. 


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    Especially with the tough economy, having strong emotional fitness can help you out in tough times. Being emotionally fit can help you tackle the challenges that life gives you, as well as adapt and learn from them. Furthermore, it’s important to keep your emotional fitness in check, and you can also learn more about yourself through other means such as therapists and life coaches. 

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