what else could I do?

Hi, jordan here. So ive been taking up various acts of proud hippiedom by becoming vegetarian, and im on the road to becomming a vegan, not bathing everyday, barefoot outside except when walking on rocks/pavement etc…, taking the time to go outside and observe the bugs and animals and plants, and im even goin to major in environmental science. What more can I do to help the earth :O??



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    Great question, Jordan. There are lots of ways our modern culture shirks the ancient wisdom of our planet and Mother Nature. Spending as much time outside in nature is one of the most healing ways to embrace your new lifestyle, and you’re clearly on a great path towards understanding our ecoystem both personally and academically.

    Another thing you can do is check to make sure all your cosmetics and hair products are safe for both you and the environment – the FDA doesn’t regulate those products and many companies use dangerous and toxic chemicals to make shampoo, makeup, and lotions. There are lots of home-made remedies and beauty fixes that are 100% organic, cheaper than store-bought versions, and even work better overall.

    A good place to begin is reading more about the “No ‘Poo” movement here. You can make your own shampoo that’s chemical-free and way cheaper than anything in a store. Starting to rely on yourself intead of big corporations is a great way to keep up your newfound hippiedom. If you’re interested, there are lots of forums  about home remedies here. Cheers!

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    I like to think that living an environmentally friendly lifestyle boils down to one simple idea: do things that impact the world around you as little as possible.  This principle is obviously more difficult to implement in your daily life than it is to merely say that it’s the right thing to do.  However, there are a lot of easy things you can do to make sure you interact with the world in a healthy, nurturing way.

    1. Limit your household waste.  Most things that you will ever buy will come wrapped in various packaging materials.  Find a use for that extra material.  Remold plastic into useful containers (applying a little heat will make most plastics pliable, but be careful to avoid inhaling any fumes), reuse boxes and bottles and cans, get creative with all that extra material.  

    2.  Even better, don’t buy packaged and processed goods.  Grow your own fruits and vegetables, buy bread and meat from local farmers markets, drink water instead of sodas and juices.  Look for all-natural and eco-friendly alternatives to your favorite cosmetics.

    3.  Avoid using cars.  If you must travel long distances, opt for public transport like buses and trains instead of airplanes and taxis.  Invest in a good bicycle and learn to enjoy the simple pleasure of walking.

    There are many more ways for you to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle.  Just remember to impact the world around you as little as possible.

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