What is an eLibrary?



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    An elibrary is an electronic library that compiles ebooks.  In most cases you have to be a member to get access to the catalogue.  Elibrary.net is an example of a free online library.

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    eLibraries are electronic collections of eBooks, and although you often need to be a member or a paying customer in order to access collections, there are ways in which you can access eBooks for free online. Project Gutenberg provides free access to classics and other books that are no longer under copywright restrictions (i.e. publishers no longer have exlcusive rights to printing a title).

    Another form of eLibrary is a bit different, and it is more commonly referred to as a virtual bookshelf. Librarything.com is a site that will allow you to enter the title or ISBN number of a book you have in your home collection, and you can post reviews of the books as well as share the information with other members as well as your friends and family. You can also do this using Facebook’s Living Social Virtual Bookshelf app.

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    An elibrary is simply a place to get ebooks.  They are getting larger and larger as more and more books are becoming available electronically.  They are good for the environment because they save a lot of paper.  They’re also extremely convenient as well.

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