what effects does airplanes have on the environment? (at least 5 effects with detail please!)



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    • Looking up at the sky on an almost clear day, you can see jet contrails lacing across the sky. While they can be beautiful to see, all of that exhaust from those jets is pollution left behind as the jet rips through the air. Carbon dioxide acts as a greenhouse gas, but when deposited into the jet stream, it also works to reduce ozone in the atmosphere. It is the ozone that shields human skin from many of the harmful effects of solar radiation.
    • Air travel creates noise pollution.
    • Aviation has accelerated the process of disease migration around the world. Instead of taking months to spread, diseases like the flu can now circle the globe within days or weeks.
    • The manufacturing of airplanes and jets is in itself harmful to the environment. Airplanes and jets use a lot of plastic. This means more manufacturing pollution. Plastic is made from petroleum that further depletes the world’s oil supply. At the end of its life, all of that plastic has to be put somewhere until its 100 year or longer existence comes to an end.
    • Airports negatively affect farmland and wildlife. Generally, airports have to be built on relatively flat land. The miles of runways required to give jets adequate room to land and take off eats away hundreds perhaps thousands of acres of ground for each major airport. This land is taken from the pool of farm land. By laying down high grade landing surfaces, this land is taken out of service for food production for a long long time.

    You can read up on this more from the link below.

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    Most of this is simple, straightforward logic. As the question sounds like homework, I’d suggest to the questioner that he or she would gain more by thinking about it than by seeking to be fed answers.

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