What effects do hair salons have on the environment?



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    Beauty often comes at a price and unfortunately hair salons play a major role in contributing to that price tag.  Salons generate a lot of waste and use a lot of chemicals, two things that are in no way good for the environment. 

    A lot of the products that are essential to a salon’s daily tasks, shampoo & conditioner, color for hair dye, and perm chemicals contain nasty ingredients that don’t mix well with the environment.  These chemicals include: shampoos and dyes that contain tar derivatives, shampoos that contain formaldehyde and perm solutions that contain triethanolamine (TEA), diethanolamine (DEA), and monoethanolamine (MEA).  In my book, anything that you can’t pronounce probably isn’t that good for you and therefore not very good for the environment either.

    What’s more is they are always running water.  Think about how long it takes you to wash your hair.  Now multiply that number by (depending on the size of the salon) 50 … 100 … maybe more?  That’s a lot of water down the drain. 

    Additionally, because they run a service where a lot of bodies are always in and out, they need to keep the space clean.  This means they use a lot of cleaners which is a good thing for the store, but can be a bad thing for the environment when those very cleaners get dumped down the drain.  From the cleaners can enter the sewer system and could possibly alter the well-being of marine animals or the quality of the water.  

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