What effects can hair dye have on hair (besides coloring it)?



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    There are health risks involved with using hair dye: risk of asthma, risk of development of cancer, hair damage, and allergice reactions.

    Dyeing one’s hair too much also thins it out, and causes the natural hair color to be more lackluster.

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    Skin and other allergic reactions pose the biggest risk to hair dye users. It’s difficult to say how many hair dye users suffer from allergic reactions, as most do not seek medical attention. However, there are many cases where allergic reactions to hair dyes have been severe or even fatal.

    Signs of a mild reaction may only be irritation of the upper eyelids or rims of the ears, but in more severe reactions, the whole head or body may be involved.

    A severe form of allergic reaction is anaphylactic shock. When this occurs, the mouth and tongue swell and the airways constrict. Anaphylaxis can be rapidly fatal, and there have been isolated cases of hair dyes causing anaphylactic shock.

    Skin reactions can occur on a person’s first exposure to hair dye, or can suddenly occur in a person who has been using them long-term. A patch test before every dyeing is important to help detect skin allergies, but very time dye is applied to the skin, the immune system may become sensitized, increasing the risk of future allergic reaction.

    Hair stylists are at risk of developing occupational asthma, both from the persulfates used in bleaches and PPD from hair dyes. Long term exposure sensitizes the airways, leading to asthma attacks on exposure to the chemicals.

    A number of studies have confirmed that hair stylists have higher levels of asthma than the general population.

    Source of this Information – http://www.squidoo.com/hairdyedangers

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