what effect will happen if the white bengal tiger is no longer living



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    First and foremost, the White Bengal tiger is not a distinct species. Bengal Tigers can often have a genetic predisposition for the white coat, but White Bengal tiger is most likely to be the result of selective breeding within captivity. Assuming you are more concerned with the extinction of Bengal tiger’s in the wild the results are hard to predict. The obvious results of the species extinction would be a change within the ecosystems it inhabits. Removing the predator would cause a boom in the populations of its prey. Larger scale changes resulting from an extinction are unlikely. Conservation of such animals is, perhaps, not worth thinking of in excessively practical terms. These animals are protected because of their beauty and what, to many, they represent. Many would consider it wrong to allow such an animal to vanish, for the sake of the poachers making money from its demise.

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