What effect does barren soil have on rain



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    Well, it depends on what you mean. Barren soil, in itself, does not have a direct effect on rainfall. It is more of an indicator of where it rains a lot or doesn’t rain very often. However, if you’re asking how rain will affect barren soil, there are a couple different possibilities. If rainfall is light, then the soil will simply soak up the rain and become hopefully a little more favorable to growing plantlife. However, If there is a heavy rain, things become a little more dangerous.

    If there is a heavy rain on very barren soil, it is likely that the area will flash flood. Barren soil is usually cracked and dry, so it seems like it would soak up lots and lots of rain very easily. Unfortunately, when soil is dry for a long time, it gets very hard, and it’s difficult for water to soak into it easily. So the water will just build up and build up until there’s too much. The water will flow fast downhill, destroying a lot in its path. But if the soil is barren, hopefully not much is in the way! 😉

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