What is ‘ecocide’?



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    Ecocide is a new word coined from the existing words “ecosystem” and “suicide”. The definition of ecocide is: to destroy a natural environment.

    Ecocide is mainly used to describe harmful acts by humans to the environment.

    The term implies that humans are committing suicide by destroying their own ecosystem.


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    Examples of ecocide are war or the constant use of our ecosystem’s resources. There are many other examples at this website.

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    Just a little more background – the first attributed use of the term was as far back as 1969, in reference to environmental degradation. The term has enjoyed a resurgence in conjunction with the broader awareness of global warming in recent years. This extent of it’s recognition is illustrated the submission of a proposal to the International Criminal Court, to establish ecocide as a fifth ‘Crime Against Peace’ (the first four are “Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes, and Crimes of Aggression”).

    For a lot more information, see the first link below, which deals exclusively with ecocide. Additionally, the Guardian published an overview of the ten worst ‘ecosides’ (see second link below), which illustrates the term visually.

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