What is Eco Parenting?



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    Eco-parenting is essentially a parenting style with an eco-friendly bent such that the parents are concerned with not only the well-being of the child(ren) but also of the products that they provide for their children.  Instead of buying plastic toys, the parents will purchase sustainable wooden toys.  Instead of regular baby clothes, parents will purchase organic, all natural cotton baby clothes.  Both parents may also practice green and sustainable activities as well such as vegetarian (or vegan) lifestyles and may introduce these practices to the children as well.

    The idea of eco-parenting can stretch into all facets of parenthood including pregnancy such that the mother is eating an all natural, organic diet while pregnant with baby and taking care of herself in simple, natural ways such as yoga, hiking outside, and avoiding processed and chemical ridden foods. When baby is born, the parents may make their own baby food instead of purchasing commercial brands and will introduce some of the ideas suggested in the first paragraph.  

    Furthermore, eco-parenting also involves the idea of taking green outside of the home and really spreading the word about sustainability, going green, and a more environmentally friendly lifestyle so that others take notice and create a village that raises an eco-friendly child.   

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