What is an eco friendly way to kill mosquitoes?



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    Slapping them with your hands! 

    If you’re in Mississippi and a have a pond, consider stocking them with mosquito fish, because:

    “Fish can also help get rid of larval mosquitoes. Mosquito fish (Gambusia affinis) have been called “the perfect fish” because they can live in just about any type of water, are extremely tolerant to pollution and changes in salinity, and will eat available vegetation (you don’t have to feed them). The females are live bearers having 50-100 babies at a time. These babies begin feeding on mosquito larvae the day they are born. The female can have babies every 6 weeks and they can live 2-3 years. Mosquito fish are native to MS and can be put in any waters. They can be collected from local streams, creeks, lakes and ponds or you can call the MS Department of Health at 601-576-7725 or the Natural Science Museum to find out local mosquito fish breeders. Internet suppliers can ship them directly to your home.” 

    Source: http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/_static/14,1097,93.html

    Otherwise, you can use citronella candles, catnip oil, or electronic traps that you power with solar chargers.


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