What is an eco-friendly way to get rid of ants?



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    A lot of the methods of getting rid of ants depend on where your ant problem is. If your ant problem is indoors, a 50:50 mixture of water and vinegar should do the trick. Just spray it where you want your ants to go away, and it should work. If they are on your lawn or by a tree, try spraying lemon juice, or a product called Tanglefoot.

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    Ants can be quite prolific. So even if you succeed in reducing some of their population, there may always be more.

    The most common suggestion is a combination of boric acid and sugar–the sugar attracts the ants, the borax is toxic to them and so when they bring it back to their colony it kills some of the ants in the colony.  But again, depending on how big of ant population you are working with, this may not be as successful as you may like.

    The following website has  a variety of home solutions for ants (http://www.thefrugallife.com/ants.html). Good luck.

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    Baby powder, white vinegar, tea tree oil, bay leaves, and cayenne pepper have all been know to do the trick and get rid of a pesky ant problem. Applying baby powder, cayenne pepper, of bay leaves to entry points can stop ants from entering through cracks and windows. Mixing white vinegar, tea tree oil, and water together not only makes a good ant repellent but also a good cleaner/deodorizer. 

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    Many spices that you have in your kitchen can be used to ward off ants. First, you can use cinnamon sticks or garlic cloves to repel ants. Place them where you think the ants are getting in, such as around molding, doors, or vents. Regular ground cloves works well too. The ants are repeleed by the strong scent provided by the spices.

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