What eco-friendly steps can I take when washing my car?



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    Washing the car in the traditiona manner is one of the most wasteful things the average consuer does.  Supposedly, commercial car washes use half of the water used by the car owner using a hose in the driveway.  Also, water used in car washes are dumped into the sewage and treated before reaching the environment, unlike water filled with chemical soaps leached into the streets.

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    Fill a bucket with soap and water and do not leave the hose running. Only use the soapy water in the bucket to wash the car. Use a green biodegradable soap like simple green. Then rinse your car quickly using a power nozzle that will aerate the water so you use less. 

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    Another way is to plan ahead.  There are ways to save water from other activities to be used later for washing your car. While you are waiting for your shower to warm up in the morning, capture the cold water in a bucket and save it for washing your car later. 

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    Definitely go with the bucket technique. Use an eco-friendly soap in a bucket and clean away. Instead of rinsing with a hose, try to fill a bucket and pour it over the car. That way, you can keep track of how much water you are using and will probably use less. 

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