What is the eco-footprint of those Segway devices?



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    In some ways, the Segway’s footprint is a very low one, because after it’s produced it gives off no carbon emissions. It runs on a lithium battery which can go for 24 miles before charging, so if you’re using it instead of a car for errands, it is a step in the right direction emissions-wise: like an electrical car for short trips only. But, of course, you can walk or bike for much less than the Segway’s 4500 dollar price tag, and that uses no energy except what you generate. It’s also better for you. But if a person is honestly knows they are not going to walk or bike for short errands and will always use a car, the Segway is the greener option.

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    A Segway PT requires about 200 kWh of electricity per year, making it over ten times more energy efficient than the average car. Its only energy consumption takes place while its batteries are charging, which means that it does not contribut to the depletion of non-renewable resources.  It produces no emissions during use, which is a 93% reduction in greenhouse gases compared to American cars.   

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