What is eco fast food?



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    Essentially, it’s fast food that is produced in a sustainable manner, and served in sustainable packaging, in a sustainably powered fast-food restaurant: the result?  Sustainable food, fast.  Of course, one of the biggest obstacles for the Green Movement is cynicism.  One of the popular eco-fast food restaurants, Otarian, is under attack through the same fallacious attacks being through at Al Gore: he contributes to global warming in one way or another, so anything he says or does to promote environmentalism is worth nothing.  Of course the employees of Otarian contribute to global warming in one way or another, but this goes without saying: the type of world we live in right now does not fully support sustainable living.  The ironicism is that the very people who are trying to bring us to this level of sustainable existence are being attacked with this same hubris time and time again.  Sad, but true.  Just proves my point that cynicism is counter-productive.  An interesting article about Otarian, and eco fast food is attached.

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    Eco fast food is a really popular movement right now. People want to still continue eating food that is convenient and easy to prepare without having to wait in a restraunt or pay lots of cash. If you want to learn more about the culture of eco fast food, I have attached a link to ecofastfood.com which is a blog discussion about everything related to eco fast food.

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