What is ‘eco-bling’?



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    I found a number of definitions including: unnecessary renewable energy fixtures adorning poorly-designed buildings, green gadgets that will never pay for themselves through saved energy costs, and the balance of the environment and marketing that reaps benefits for both areas.

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    Eco-bling refers to renewable energy affectations that have little or no real effect in being eco-friendly.  An example would be slapping a small solar panel on the roof of a Hummer or a few wind turbines on a vegas casino.

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    There’s an ad on the side of this page by Brilliant Earth and even though the definitions provided don’t match the term i’m about to propose, i think it can also literally include:

    eco-friendly jewelry.  Is ‘bling’ not the urban definition for diamonds and jewelry? 

    I was ecstatic to discover Brilliant Earth, thank you GreenAnswers. 

    In addition to the uses provided above, I think we can turn ‘Eco-Bling’ into a positive rendition as well.

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    Urbandictionary.com had a good definition. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It seems like it is anything gadget that portrays itself as environmental, energy saving, but actually is not of that. 

    “Generic name given to ecological technology or gadgets that cost an amount of money that you will never get back in terms of energy saved or produced.”

    “Balancing the Environmental ‘eco’ and Marketing ‘bling’ aspects into a common item meeting both needs. Finding the balance can be challenging but rewarding.”

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    “Eco-bling” is an important term in architecture, as it can help demonstrate integrated environmental design.  While architects have an ecological responsibility, they are also bound by the fact that they practice an applied art.  That art is severely compromised when they cannot figure out a way to assimilate new technologies into the design, and end up tacking on things that do help the performance of the building, but harm its aesthetics.

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