what is eco art?



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    Eco Art (short for Ecological Art) is a contemporary art form concerned with the natural world. These types of artworks typically contain materials from the natural world and seek to interpret environmental situations; searching for fresh ideas on the relationship between humans and nature, raising awareness, and creating a general sense of respect and wonder towards the environment. 

    Brazilian Artist Nele Azevedo’s “Melting Men” calls attention to Global Warming



    Japanese artist Yuken Teryua uses Toilet paper rolls to create something magical. This artist often uses recycled or discarded materials in her work, redefining their role from trash to art. Click on second link below to see her work.


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    A lot of eco art pieces cater to the space they’re in, or are created specifically for that space, contributing to the environment through the space itself. Also, as Lorena said, a good deal of eco art asks the viewer to question your relationship to the subject at hand, whether it be trash or trees, it forces you to recognize what’s at stake. I went to an eco exhibit at the fashion museum here, in NYC, and it really was painstaking to realize the energy used, the contribution of carbon dioxide to the environment, the animals killed or used, and the workers paid minimal amounts all for a dress, a trend, a fleeting material object. Once you see how art can be used for good things, it helps you realize how often it has a negative impact.

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    ecoart is a worldwide movement to:

    • Focus attention on the web of interrelationships in our environment—to the physical, biological, cultural, political, and historical aspects of ecological systems;
    • Create artworks that employ natural materials, or engage with environmental forces such as wind, water, or sunlight;
    • Reclaim, restore, and remediate damaged environments;
    • Inform the public about ecological dynamics and the environmental problems we face;
    • Re-envision ecological relationships, creatively proposing new possibilities for co-existence, sustainability, and healing.

    for information on eco art:


    and here:


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    Here are some examples! It is all so different, so if you don’t like these, there are tons of other examples of eco-art you might find more attractive.

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