what is an easy type of fruit tree to grow?



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    I’m sure this differs by opinion, but I read that Asian pears are the easiest to grow. Apples, European Pears and Figs are also supposedly easy to grow. You should make sure that they are multiple trees around, though, to allow for proper cross-pollination. One should also be weary of plant diseases that tend to plague fruit trees. I personally had three citrus trees which were abundant without minimal care until one of them contracted a disease that spread to the rest of the plants.

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    Generally, apple, pear, and fig trees are the easiest fruit trees to grow in a home garden. Less popular but still simple choices are satsumas, plums, and persimmons. All of these trees have been bred into varieties for many different climates, though none will survive in very cold areas. Even these ‘easy care’ trees will require some work – they must be planted in good, well-drained soil in a place protected from wind, then be trained into a conical shape with branches separated in order to bear a good amount of fruit. Having several varieties for cross-pollination is extremely helpful as well.

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    It depends on a couple of things – where you live and if you want to grow indoors or outdoors.

    Outdoors, we grow apples, oranges, lemons, blueberries and grapes in our yard – but I would consider apples, oranges and lemons easiest of those.

    Additionally you can gorw oranges and lemons in doors in containers if you like – just make sure that you water regularly (but not overwater), and provide light exposure.

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    Most fruit trees require some maintenance, and can be very susceptible to disease and the weather. Find out what your local climate is, and be prepared to wait a few years for the tree to mature and produce fruit. 

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