What east coast state has the most solar power?



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    As the East Coast tries to reach its new clean energy standards, they are giving California a run for its money as the “up-and-coming” poster child of renewable energies.  One of the most promising states seems to be New York, which offers a 50% subsidy for new solar projects, in an attempt to reach their goal of 45% of the state’s energy from renewables. New Jersey is also a contender, with the most generous incentives in the nation, along with Pennsylvania and Delaware, which are making up in savings for their solar installations in only three years. 

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    California has by far the largest installed solar power capacity rated at 528,262 kW, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. New Jersey is second at 70,236 kW, followed by Colorado at 35,730 kW.

    So out of eastern states, New Jersey’s the leader.

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