What is the easiest way to separate the salt from salty water?



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    Salt can be removed from briny water through the process of reverse osmosis. This process came about over 40 years ago as a way to remove the salt from sea water. Reverse osmosis is done by applying pressure to the salty water and forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane, which leaves behind the salt. This process has also been known to remove contaminants from the water as well.

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    Sea salt is made simply by placing ocean water out in the sun and letting it evaporate. If you are willing to wait a while, simply leave it out in the sun while it evaporates. You can put something on top of the container to collect the water as it evaporates. Here is a really cool video that shows how you can distill your own water:

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    Desalination machines are gaining a lot of popularity and are vital in some countries for fresh water at the moment. The South Pacific Islands are going through a terrible drought right now, and they have to use desalination machines to get fresh water. The rising sea levels have contaminated their underground fresh water supply as well. 

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