What is the easiest way to recycle our electronic waste?



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    The best option for electronics that are still working is to donate them to a local secondhand shop. That saves the energy required to recycle them and gives them more life. For the stuff that is no longer useful, use the Internet or your local yellow pages to find a facility that can take your electronic waste. Many of them provide pick up service.

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    For most of your electronics, you can mail them back to the company you bought it from and they will take care of it.  Gazelle is also a great site that helps you sell back your electronics if they are still working or need to be recycled.  

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    A really great way to find electronic waste centers is through Earth911’s website.  It is searchable by locations, so you can find the nearest location that is convenient to you.  Earth911 also has an iPhone application called iRecycle that will let you do this on your mobile phone as well.

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    I used to work at Best Buy and I know that you can take some of your things to them (like computers, old batteries, and stuff) and then they will recycle it for you. ¬†They don’t pay for the electronics you bring in, but if you are going to go to Best Buy anyway, might as well do something green on the way right?¬†

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