What is the easiest way to know if you are buying local or not?



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    If you are buying produce or other products from a farmers market, it is highly likely that it is locally gorwn. Many farmers markets have regulations that require the vendors to sell either items that they have produced or were produced within a certain region.

    Also, many grocery stores are now adding the country of origin to the vegetables they sell.

    If there is no label, you can always just ask someone who works at the store where you are shopping; they will know their product better than most others.

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    The best way to know is to always ask. Whether you are at the grocery store, farmers market, or a restaurant, the people running the establishment should know their product. If you are one of the many i-phone, i-touch, or i-pad users, there is an application you can download that can help you determine whether or not some of the foods you are purchasing are local and in season. It is called ‘locavore’ and can be downloaded here http://itunes.apple.com/app/locavore/id306140158?mt=8

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