What is the easiest way to keep weeds from growing in your garden?



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    To prevent weeds check any new plants you plan on planting for weeds. Don’t cultivate the soil as much as this can leads to the weed seeds getting sun exposure, use earthworms and mulch for cultivation. Mulch is very beneficial as it will smother the weed seeds and prevent them from sprouting., 

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    I’d say mulch. Mulch is supposed to prevent light from reaching the weeds, halting their germination. Simple, right? There are many kinds of organic and inorganic mulch. Organic mulch requires some upkeep, i.e., keeping decaying mulch away from plants, but it’s pretty easy to apply. Click the citation for more information.

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    The easiest way is to employ the system known as Integrated Weed management. In this case, all the measures of combating weeds such as biological, mechanical, cultural and physical are adopted simultaneously depending on the type of weeds and the crops grown among other things.

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