What is the easiest way to get energy from the environment?



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    Eat plants. They have converted solar energy into a form that we can use to sustain our bodies.

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    The efficiency and practicality of getting electricity from a renewable environmental source depends on your location and your needs. For example, an old-style water wheel may be the easiest way to get a small amount of energy from your environment if you live near a river and you are not looking to supply a whole town. Or you can rig a bicycle to generate electricity by pedaling–the possibilities for personal electricity production are only limited by imagination.

    The right answer for larger-scale renewable energy depends on the situation, too. If you live in a sunny climate, solar might be the best answer. In fact, there are many reasons why solar is the easiest in many cases–solar panels can be added to rooftops so they don’t need to take up more space or need a facility, and they can supply your personal energy needs as well as sending electricity back to the grid for the whole community. In open spaces with a lot of wind, wind farms may be the most efficient source. Hydro-electric is another possible answer. Hydro power may supply a lot of energy for very cheap, and it definitely comes from the environment. Yet, whether it is truly renewable is debatable. Creating a dam can irrevocably damage the habitat for fish and other animals living in the area. It has been seen as the easiest source of energy for centuries, but it can create environmental difficulties down the road.

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