What is the easiest way to consume less energy in your every day life?



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    The easiest way to save energy is to be conscious of the energy that you do use, and think about what you can do to use less. The two best examples are to make sure you turn lights off when you are not in a room, and to unplug appliances when they are not being used. Plugged-in appliances, even when they are turned off, still use some energy (called “phantom loads”). Check out the citations for more things you can do.

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    Another easy way to save a little energy each day is to swap your regular lightbulbs out for CFLs.  CFLs are compact flourescent light bulbs that were created to use about 75% less energy than your mother’s old incandescent light bulbs.  Not only do they save a ton of money (who doesn’t love a 75% off sale) but they are said to last much longer than regular bulbs too.

    If you have a home with lights outside, install motion sensors so that they only turn on when someone is in the vicinity of the home and needs light.  Not only is this a more energy efficient way to have lighting around your home, but it’s also safer too.  Any unwanted guests will be immediately illuminated in the bright glare of your eco-friendly sensor lights.  Use CFL bulbs in the sensored lights for a double whammy of eco-friendly efforts! 

    Still not convinced? Use an energy monitor at home.  The idea is that if you know how much you’re using when you’re using it, you’ll be able to alter your behavior to use less of it.  Tricky, huh?

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