What is the easiest type of spice to grow at home?



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    The most important factor is growing any herb indoors at home is sunlight, therefore do not use any north-facing windows or windows that get less than four hours of direct sunlight a day. Rosemary is probably the most sensitive herb to grow inside, but cilantro, garden cress, and dill are short-lived but easy to grow inside. They will not grow after you harvest them but do not require as much acclamation as other herbs. Parsley will grow indoors as well. For more specific details and instructions please visit the link provided in the citations. 

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    The easiest by far is coriander, or fenugreek, both of which gernminate in no time. Wonderful for health, lots of iron in the fenugreek leaves which are bitter so use sparingly among the spinach.

    Mint of course never fails as long as it has plenty of water.

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